Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

Intrigue Your Audiences

Because when you enrapture everyone by something you do, you produce involuntary (and positive) feelings. You thus allow your message to sink in to the consciousness of those before you.

For example, yesterday I was in an audience of speakers in Las Vegas. I watched Dan Thurman, one of the world's great speakers, do this with his gymnastic and juggling talents. While balancing himself precariously on top of a 7 foot high unicycle, he juggled a sword, a machete and an axe. Every eye was glued to him. Few folks have these talents. So what do you do: You use the talent you have.

Here's one simple process I find myself doing intuitively. It takes no talent. It works for me. I'll bet it'll work for you, too:


For your time at the head of the room, remember it is YOUR room and you, like the Captain of a ship, are in command.


Know your subject backward and forward, upside down, inside out. Why? So you can concentrate on the theatrics of what you are about to do.


Look around the room before you say your first word. Identify a few friendly faces. You are going to speak directly to one person at a time.

Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

Letter Writing Defined

The individual needs to effectively confront and respond to that letter. He needs a well-written persuasive letter that forcefully confronts that party with his own position and attempts to persuade that party to either moderate, post-pone or abandon the demand.

The Second Situation: An individual has a serious situation or problem and wants to confront and persuade a 3rd party - another individual, the government, regulator/authority, a lawyer, a bank, a corporation, an institution etc. to do something - to agree to his request for some sort of action or forbearance.

In order to accomplish this goal the individual needs a well-written persuasive letter that persuades the recipient to agree to his request.

These letters are confrontational letters. Letters that confront a serious problematic situation and attempts to resolve the problem exclusively through the use of letters.

To be effective this form of letter writing must usually be restricted exclusively to letter writing and not be augmented by verbal confrontation. This is because in many instances verbal confrontation gives a distinct and unfair advantage to the recipient of the letter.